Because every hair type is different and every customer is unique, Screen works with 4 colour charts. Choosing your colour is the least of the problem as every chart has a variation of colours to choose from to achieve your perfect tint. But, like everything else that happens in a Screen salon, the health of your hair and scalp play an important role in the colour method and product we use.



How will you know that you have the perfect haircut that is created specifically for you?



We look at the health of your hair from 2 different angles: the condition of your scalp and the strength of your hair. Both are treated completely differently because, although they complement the other’s healthy look, they need different products to nurture back their health



The finishing stage of a hairstyle can make or break the look intended. Therefore, at Screen, we pride in our tools which, assisted with the perfect blend of product cocktails, give us the desired style. We give every hairstyle a creative approach, ensuring that control and flexibility embrace your desired look.