Dorado Cream

Hair coloring cream, PPD-free, with 24-K gold

**11 NEW Dorado Shades**

A luxurious beauty ritual characterized by an unusual brightness, intense and lasting. A precious cream color with an unusual tonal richness, developed in a wide range of nuances in full and contemporary tones, inspired by the changing colors of the Grand Canyon at different times of the day, are the result of high technology, research and continuous testing. 24K GOLD in colloidal solution. Colloidal gold is a special suspension of 24K gold particles. Colloidal gold has always recognized important properties both aesthetically and physiologically. 24K colloidal gold stimulates cellular metabolism by improving the vitality of capillary fiber cells and combating aging processes by acting deeply on their DNA with a marked anti-age action. In addition, the presence of micro particles of gold, reflecting light, helps to multiply the effect of global brilliance due to the special formulating properties of the coloring cream.

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