How will you know that you have the perfect haircut that is created specifically for you?

You need to look at your hairdresser’s tools, the scissors. Look at the techniques your hairdresser displays when working on a haircut. Ask yourself if a trendy hairstyle is being replicated on you or if it is used as the basis for the ultimate style that suits you. Of course, there’s more to a haircut than just the above 3 pointers mentioned.

Let us take you on a journey that starts with us and ends with you.

At all Screen Salons, we have a choice of approximately 15 techniques that we use to create a cut. Our tools are 6 different scissors that help us achieve perfection of a desired look. Two of the scissors are patented by Screen, which means that only Screen Salons have access to own them and be trained on how and when the patented scissors should be used. Our international organisation dedicates two international teams to keep track of fashion and trends, an organisation that ultimately translates the knowledge collected into leading seasonal hairstyles, fresh, trendy, and original.

Our Screen hairdressers in Malta are trained 5 times a year abroad together with Screen hairdressers from around the world. For the hairdressers who do not make it to the international seminars, the same training is given in Malta regularly by trained educators. These seminars are organised specifically to launch new trends and train the hairdressers on which techniques and tools are used with every new style. Different techniques and tools are used according to the hair type, hair growth pattern and client’s features. This ensures that every haircut is custom made to the client’s needs.

We start with our training and professional tools and get our reward when you, our customer, leave our salon with your head held up higher and a smile on your face.